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About Us

Auger Enterprises was established in August of 2016 with a focused concept of funding entertainment events.  This concept led to many innovations opening focus on acquisitions and consulting for endemic and non-endemic brands ranging from musical events, Esports, artist management, business and client development as well as sales psychology and strategic marketing. 

Auger Enterprises prides itself on staying humble to it's roots as a military veteran operated organization.  Our motto "Everybody Wins" is a testament to our core values of Honor, Integrity and Trust.  Auger Enterprises promises to NEVER conduct business in where an entity is losing, no matter how many entities are involved.

Auger Enterprises has recently opened up an artists section for musical talent, artist management as well as the home of BeUVbyMarc.  BeUVbyMarc is Marc Auger, our CEO's, Ultra Violet Body Painting brand.  Founded in September of 2017, the brand focuses on facilitating never before seen intricate Neon Body Art for photographers.

Esports & Events

The 4th largest sport in the world, Esports is a specialty of Auger Enterprises with over 17 years of experience in the industry.  Auger Enterprises coordinates major and minor Esports events as well as focuses on acquisitions for Esports Organizations and sales strategies for endemic brands.  Auger Enterprises also consults for non-endemic brands on Esports marketing and sponsorships.

Auger Enterprises helps to coordinate events of all shapes and sizes within musical festivals, concerts, club parties and even fandom conventions for both endemic and non-endemic brands.

A portion of all the profits from any event involved with Auger Enterprises is donated to various charities.

Helping Hands

No matter big or small, Auger Enterprises will be there to help your needs in the most professional manner possible.  If you have a question, feel free to ask.  If we don't know the answer, we'll point you in the right direction.

We all need help from time to time, Auger Enterprises will represent you and your brand in a manner with business in mind using a military code of conduct.  We always dress for success.

The little guys are just as important as the big guys, we never forget that.  Our aim is to help as many people as we can in as many industries as possible.  Need help with your event?  Auger Enterprises will be your one stop shop.

AE presents MTV's Wild'N Out Cast Takeover

AE presents Toasted Buns sponsored by Shark Energy

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Auger Enterprises, LLC.

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