The Truth About Solar

Complexity explained in the simplest terms...


If you're a property owner, no doubt you have heard about solar, or have even had a solar sales rep come to your door and try to "sell you" on the wonderful benefits of a solar purchase or lease.  The good news is that they are not wrong and solar is great however the bad news is they are not fully transparent in the numbers and designs.  As a military veteran operated company, Auger Enterprises has a special focus on full transparency on how to obtain solar by expressing the truthful numbers in the most beneficial way possible, for your location.  The image above is the simple representation of how solar works.

The Ugly Truth


Solar salesmen and the process around obtaining solar is almost identical to car sales.  There are variable costs that come with panels, installation, and all the "fees" that are associated with solar, just like we all know there are costs in making a car, delivering said vehicle and getting it ready to take home.  The rest in the "Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price aka MSRP" is simply the mark up for your sales reps commissions.  Our aim is to be fully transparent at the actual cost of everything involved in the solar process; then you, as the obtaining entity, name what you feel your Auger Enterprises Consultant is worth.

The Best You Can Get


Auger Enterprises operates as a direct dealer for Arizona's most esteemed solar installer, Harmon Electric/Harmon Solar.  This allows a property owner to have complete control and security in a trusted life long system, with the best products in the industry.  With thousands of systems and installations under their belts, Harmon has perfected their process which ensures the quickest turn around time and best customer service; coupled with the educational team at Auger Enterprises, going solar is easier and more beneficial than ever before.

How It All Works


No Commitment, ONLY Education

If you are interested in solar, fill out the form below to get started.  The process is extremely simple.  Attached to your current electric bill, there is a graph that shows us how much electricity your location uses in a full year.  If you do everything online, not to worry, simply login to either APS, SRP or TEP (whichever utility provider you have) and obtain your annual usage.


No Cost Design

Using your address, we obtain a satellite view of your location to figure out where a system will be the most beneficial.  We select the best and most cost efficient panels for that design plan, based on how much usage your graph gave us.  This allows us to calculate how much power those panels will produce daily, weekly, monthly and yearly giving you exact figures, plus we add on a little more to give you "excess production".  Remember, this is your location so you have full control in the design process on where you would like your system, we simply educate on the best suggestions.


Ask Away

At this point, you'll know exactly how much your new cheaper solar bill will be.  If you like it, the next step is a quick credit check ensuring that you are the qualified home or business owner.

Once you're approved, we simply walk you through all of your documents to switch you from your current utility provider, over to a solar system. 

Steps 1 through 5 take roughly 45-60 days, in some cases much sooner.  If you have any questions or concerns, you'll always have an Auger Enterprises Consultants name, number and email for 24/7 customer service.


What does it actually cost?

You will no longer be paying your existing electric utility bill.

Your solar system, installation, warranties and products are all rolled in together forming your new significantly lower monthly payment that YOU choose.  Nothing comes out of your pocket to get this all started, you are simply adjusting from a public utility provider to now creating your own power plus more.

I want to have a $0 bill, is that possible?

YES!  Thank you for asking this.  We pride ourselves on designing systems that overproduce power so much that your existing utility provider is forced to purchase your excess.  Your existing utility provider will purchase the excess for pennies on the dollar however, with enough over production in your systems design, we can get your solar down to $0!

What are the warranties?

Your products are warrantied for 25 years however they are rated for 50-60 years. The workmanship is warrantied for 10 years through the installer and you also have a power production guarantee meaning that if your system is not producing the promised amount, you will be credited the difference.  

I don't think I'll be here for long, is this for me?

Not a problem at all, in fact it is even more ideal when you stay for a shorter period of time because you will end up making yourself money quicker.

Shocking yes but let us explain:

-You have 18 months to claim your federal and state solar tax incentives which are currently at 30% of the cost of the system for federal and $1,000 from the state.  You apply those incentives to the cost of the system.  You then take the equity of the system and tack it on to the sale price of your property which allows for the incoming buyer to roll it into their mortgage making your property more ideal on the open market as the location is now advertised with a paid off system and NO ELECTRIC BILL.


If the incoming buyer qualifies for your property, then they immediately qualify to take over your system's payments.  No lease, no lien, no second qualification needed at all.

You will receive a solar property sales rep at no charge to assist you and your agent in this process.


Property A is for sale at $200,000 with a mortgage payment of $1,000 and an average electric bill of $250/month.

Property B is for sale at $200,000 with a mortgage payment of $1,000 and a solar bill of $150/month.

Property C is for sale at $230,000 with a mortgage payment of $1,080 and NO solar bill and no electric bill plus receiving an annual check from the existing utility provider purchasing excess created power.

Which will your buyer choose?  Which would you choose?

How Do I Get Started?

Very simple, just fill out the contact form below and an Auger Enterprises Consultant will be in touch with you in less than 48 hours to schedule a face to face meeting at your property to design you your system, get you qualified and walk you through all of your electronic paperwork.  Total meeting time can be as quick as 15 minutes or can last as long as you have questions that need to be answered, we are at your disposal.

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