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Grund aka Patrick McQuiston

A veteran to the hip-hop scene and ground-breaking producer in electronic dance music, Grund has been annihilating the floor since 2009.

Grund's high energy and heavy hitting ElectroHouse and Drum N Bass will get any dance floor moving.

Starting in 2007 at house parties, Grund has performed at various raves and multiple music festivals both big and small for the last decade amassing a following that created the slogan #GrundOrDie.

In 2012, Grund released his first single on Beatport called Recoil with Seed Music.

Patrick has worked with Satellite Records NYC as a Content Manager until it's close in 2014, then with Kage Media and is signed onto PLAY ME LOUD!

As an ElectroHouse artist and producer, Grund's current focus is in assisting budding vocal artists with their tunes and assisting other EDM Artists in their pursuits of musical production. 

Grund's influence and unique style comes from major BigRoom Artists of the 21st century but with a kindred spirit and kind soul, Patrick aims to help others to find their path.


RΛMPΛGE aka D'Andree Roberts

Rampage: A period of violent and uncontrollable behavior, typically involving a large group of people.

From SOLD OUT events with Arizona's largest EDM promoters (Relentless Beats & Hades), to club shows and underground warehouse events; RΛMPΛGE brings an extremely energized performance that is sure to get things crazy.

With almost a decade of experience in the music scene, RΛMPΛGE spans from lyrics, to audio production, as well as performing shows throughout the state of Arizona.

RΛMPΛGE has shared the stage with acts such as Gammer, SAYMYNAME, Junkie Kid, Atmozfears, LNY TNZ, Goldie, Megaladon, Pulsatorz and many more as well as Headlined unique events like the Arizona HipHop Festival as the events first ever Hard Trap artist.

RΛMPΛGE specializes in harder styles of electronic dance music most commonly known as Hardtrap, Hardstyle, Hardpsy and Rawtrap with tracks released on Drop Central, the sister label to Hybrid Trap.

From his body armor and mask, to his intense track selection, RΛMPΛGE's performance is one that takes things up a notch filled with massive drops and thundering bass that will keep you on a rampage at all times.

Major influences include SAYMYNAME, Freaky, Lit Lords, GOMMI and STARX however, RΛMPΛGE's biggest influence is the fans by assisting means of music therapy to help improve social and educational interaction.


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